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Brianna Firestone

Money & Life Coach
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"I felt it was extremely important to have a solid foundation in psychology to be a better coach..."
all about you

Tell us about before you became a coach.

I struggled with managing my money for years and had started guiding my friends, family and coworkers if they needed help. I had begun to feel a bit uninspired in my full time job and knew it was time to discover my next career. I started my business out of a need for fulfillment and purpose.

the final straw

What happened in your life to push you to FINALLY become a coach?

compare + contrast

What other options or pathways did you consider before signing up for Lumia?

I had started my business and was an active money coach but I knew I needed some deeper training and tools in the positive psychology space to move my clients forward. I considered doing some deeper financial training, but knew that my clients struggled more in their habits and behaviors, not the logical side of money. This is what led me to really seek out a solid life coaching certification.

choosing a new path

Why did you choose coach training with Lumia?

I reviewed 5 different programs and I chose Lumia because of its foundation in positive psychology and because it was founded by a therapist. I felt it was extremely important to have a solid foundation in psychology to be a better coach and to really know when a client was better suited for therapy.

life without us

What would have happened if you did not go through the Lumia program?

I wouldn't have felt as confident moving my clients through big life events. The reality is when it comes to managing our money - we are really managing our lives. It is the big and small shifts in life that deter us from wanting to manage our money.

I know that because of the skills I gained through Lumia, I am able to give my students more than just good budgeting tips. Because of my training, my students are able to design the life they love.

big risks reap big rewards

What risks did you consider when thinking of becoming a coach?

Because I was already a coach before Lumia, I knew I enjoyed coaching. I wasn't sure if adding the life coaching component would get me as excited as the money coaching.

face your fears

What fears did you have before joining Lumia?

I wasn't sure if the program would deliver what I needed. I think that is true for any program you might go through.

benefits for life

What measurable benefits have you seen as a result of becoming a coach with Lumia?

When students come to me, they feel confident that I will be able to help them navigate life shifts beyond their money.

Because of my training, my students often stay with me beyond my money programs and we dive deeper into life coaching.

personal growth

How have you changed since coach training with Lumia? How has your business changed?

I no longer just call myself a "money coach", I consider myself a "Money & Life" coach. Since going through the Lumia program, I feel more confident in adding more life coaching modules and exercises to my programs. I launched a life coaching membership that allow my students who had completed a money course to continue on with me as their coach in a community to work on life.

solid advice

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a coach?

If you have considered a coaching path, listen to that nudge!  Not everyone has the nudge to go into this industry and odds are high there is a reason why it is speaking to you.

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