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Cat H. Bradley

Intuition & Integrative Coach
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"I am changed because of the Lumia program. I am better because of it. I am better for the people close to me, the people that hire me, and myself. "
all about you

Tell us about before you became a coach.

I’ve lived in NYC for over a decade now and almost all of that time, I have worked in Television and Film. It was always a dream of mine to work in that industry and I made it come true in a way that I had never imagined. I worked on set for a while, and then eventually settled into the production accounting world. I’m so grateful for that work. It taught me so much about the film industry, which is something that I love. It also taught me to not settle. The ache of going in to work every day as an accountant eventually caught up with me. Despite the security, despite the fact that I got to technically say I was living my dream because I was working in TV and film--it just wasn’t true. Working 10-12 hour days in an office on numbers, and not words (I’m a writer!)--was not something I could continue to settle for.

the final straw

What happened in your life to push you to FINALLY become a coach?

I had a boss that made a move that affected the whole team. It was a decision to do a different show because it was best for her personally. That woke me up! It made me see that I too had to be the leading lady of my own life and start making decisions that were true to my own heart.

Whenever I feel lost, I know I have to get quiet and still, so I can hear the truth coming from inside me. I did that, and it was so funny! What I heard was, “listen to the outside!” And so I did. And three days in a row, three different people in the office joked about how I was their life coach. I had been lending an ear to help others hear themselves for a while. People came to me for advice or just to vent frequently. It was when I matched the third person calling me their life coach to my inner guidance of “listen to the outside” that the ball really got rolling.

I realized I genuinely enjoyed hearing people’s stories. I got something out of helping them find their own way. I was inspired and excited to see my own perspective change as I offered my experience as a guide or resource to them. I felt like “hey, there might be something to this.” It was then I knew that I wanted training to beef up and expand these skills already growing inside of me.

compare + contrast

What other options or pathways did you consider before signing up for Lumia?

I don’t even know! There were some other places I googled and found online, but they just didn’t resonate. They were all selling something that I couldn’t stomach. Either they were telling me about the bucket loads of money I could make coaching after their program, or they were insisting that coaching was a spiritual calling that wasn’t about the money. When I found Lumia they seemed to land exactly where I needed to be: There’s money to be made here in an industry that can truly serve people.

choosing a new path

Why did you choose coach training with Lumia?

Noelle Cordeaux! [CEO and leader of Lumia] Alright so you’ve heard everything leading up to my decision--it was all about following hits of intuition. Once I got on the phone with Noelle to chat about the program, those hits multiplied. It was just lights and sounds going off inside me, “Yes, yes, yes, move forward girl, move forward!”

It’s really as simple as that. When I talk to people now about whether to sign on to Lumia or not, they normally want to make pros and cons lists and use their head to hopefully see into a future that tells them with certainty that they are making the right decision. We can only give what we have to give right?

So all I have to give to those people is to tell them to get still, and get quiet. To listen to their heart. To talk to people. Does it feel good to talk to me? Does it feel like I have something that you want? Well then, if yes, perhaps you should listen to that feeling, to your heart speaking through me. Sign up for a program that will allow that voice to get stronger and louder. That voice is your KNOWING. Your knowing will get so strong it will beat that pro/con list into the ground, and you’ll continuously cultivate the courage to hear it and let it guide you to move forward (even blindly, and in uncertainty!) into your beautiful, expansive life.

life without us

What would have happened if you did not go through the Lumia program?

big risks reap big rewards

What risks did you consider when thinking of becoming a coach?

I have empathy for this and the last question. I feel like they are being asked for the neurotic, squirrely-minded planner that I used to be. We crave certainty so badly don’t we?! Alright, I’ll stop judging the question and just answer the damn thing.

The only thing I considered a risk was the moola. It was no small chunk of change to me then, or now. So if nothing came of it, spending that money would have sucked. It’s obviously not something that ever enters my mind now because I couldn’t even tell you exactly how much I spent on the program. Confirmation of money well spent!

face your fears

What fears did you have before joining Lumia?

Fear I guess was the same as my risk above--that nothing would come from my effort and investment. I of course also feared/wondered if life coaching was something I could actually make a living doing. I still wonder that sometimes, even as I succeed in doing just that!

benefits for life

What measurable benefits have you seen as a result of becoming a coach with Lumia?

It’s a really big deal when you follow your intuition, and then the Universe offers you confirmation of the rightness of that following. If you’ve never felt that, that is my wish for you. That is light in your soul. That is LIFE. That is LOVE.  That, in my most humble estimation, is GOD.

Getting sober years ago was probably my first big light in my soul move. Then there was moving to NY, meeting my hubs, etc etc. Becoming a coach with Lumia goes on that list too, 100%. I was moved to tears almost every week in class because a teacher or other coach in training would say something that would just hit me right in the gut. I would know I was in the right place, that I needed what was there. The really big days were when that life shot came out of my own mouth! I would get the courage to share something with the group that I didn’t even know was inside me.

I am changed because of the Lumia program. I am better because of it. I am better for the people close to me, the people that hire me, and myself.

The program also helped me grow as a seeker. My training and learning has not stopped. I devour books and podcasts and I watch and listen to the true and authentic people who have what I want. I want more knowledge, more insight, more experience, more transformation, more love, more life. Lumia has been my ultimate jumping off point. I really am so grateful.

personal growth

How have you changed since coach training with Lumia? How has your business changed?

It’s absolutely impossible to list and explain all the ways I have changed since coach training. But I’ll give you some nuggets, yes?

Of course there are inside changes and outside ones. Like I said, the program was really a jumping off point. I have since become a yoga teacher as well as a full time coach and writer, and my interests keep expanding and focusing simultaneously. My dreams have and continue to expand because I have begun to know and own my own power.

You want to know how my business has changed? I rely on attraction, rather than promotion. I am never going to be that coach with a million followers on IG and a shit ton of content. I won’t even try for that because it doesn’t feel authentic to me and because that’s not my work! It took me a LONG time to understand that that wasn’t my work. My work is making myself visible enough, so the people that need me and are ready to do the work can find me. I cannot transmit something that i haven’t got so my work is practicing what I preach! It’s getting still, it’s sitting in discomfort, it’s wading through muddy waters (aka uncertainty!), it’s acknowledging and celebrating joy and accomplishments, and it’s above all else, staying true to myself.

The biggest change in me, which I cannot give total credit to Lumia for (but the program did contribute), is that I no longer strain myself trying to grow my outer life. I am sure there are people that might call me a hustler. What they believe they are seeing is someone who “makes things happen.” Nah. Nah. That ain’t me. Where I hustle is on the inside. Holy shit I don’t know if you could even fathom the work I’ve got going on on the inside. Always.

A recent revelation is that I am in fact WHOLE, even despite being a body, mind, and spirit constantly under construction and renovation. That is my work, truly. I do the deep and intuitively inspired mental, physical, and spiritual work that make me happy to live in my own skin, and then I rely on something greater than myself to take care of my outer life. I know that I will always have ENOUGH. I will make enough money, I will have enough to eat, I will have enough of a roof over my head, I will continue to give and ultimately receive enough love and support. It will all be enough, and enough is great. Enough, is a motherfuckin’ feast.

solid advice

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a coach?

I think I’ve said it all already! Get still. Get quiet. Hear what you KNOW. If that voice of your intuition is telling you to sign up for Lumia Coaching, but you doubt it because it’s faint, and you haven’t really had any practice following it’s direction yet, make Lumia your first life shot. Let it be the jumping off point that sets you on a path to trusting yourself and allowing your becoming.

If that voice is telling you NOT to do the Lumia program, don’t do it! Stay quiet and listen for what you should do! I’m for real. Listen to that voice. That’s what we learn through the authentic ass founders, teachers, and other coaches at Lumia Coaching: always, above all else, to thine own self be true.

If you’re reading this, hope we get to “meet” each other someday. So grateful for my Lumia family. Peace and love y’all.

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