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Coaching Podcast: Signs You’re Ready to Change Careers

Think you're ready for a career change to become a life coach? These signs will guide you as you plan your career change.

The Catalyst Life Coaching Podcast, featuring JRNI Coaching founders John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux is a deep dive into the experience and business of being a life coach. In this episode of the Catalyst Life Coaching Podcast, we discuss coaching techniques in the workplace. Subscribe to get all our episodes!

When was the last time you changed careers? Do you think it’s time to make the shift? What if you’re just being ridiculous and all you need is a break?

There’s really no way of telling for sure, if you need to change careers or not. There’s no guidebook on this. BUT, there are signs you can watch out for. Oftentimes, the importance of self-care in business plays a vital role when it comes to knowing the signs you’re ready to change careers. Self-care is something we often put in the back-burner - sometimes by choice, sometimes because our job forces us to. Regardless of the main reason, noticing the signs related to self-care, as well as other signs can greatly help in knowing whether or not it’s time to make the shift.

Signs You’re Ready For A Career Change

If you’re feeling hungry for change and something new

Do you find yourself always looking for a challenge? Do you feel like your current job is not challenging enough? If this is the case then perhaps it’s time for a shift. Every so often we find ourselves looking for a challenging experience. We want growth and something new. If you’ve been searching for this then consider that a sign. Perhaps it’s time to follow your passion. Perhaps your passion is the ‘something new’ you’re looking for. Or maybe it’s time to take yet another huge but calculated risk to test your potential. It is human nature to be scared, but it’s also human nature to seek growth.

Your current career doesn't feel honest anymore

This may sound vague but the more you take notice, the easier it is to catch it. The thing is, if you’re doing the same old job for years now, over and over, the same set of tasks, same boss and same colleagues, it’s difficult to know whether or not it still feels honest. It’s difficult to know whether or not it still feels true to you. That said, we suggest you give yourself some time to think and reflect. Give yourself time to scrutinize, and be honest with yourself. Be ready with whatever you will discover. Because if you realize your current career doesn't feel honest anymore, it’s also a sign for you to start building your coaching business.

If it just doesn’t feel right

Our body has a way of telling us things. When something doesn't feel right, we become uneasy. We get that weird feeling in the pit of our stomach. A feeling that goes on and off. If you start paying close attention, it will be easier to spot this sign. Changing careers is a decision you don't have to do overnight. Choosing to stay or to make a shift requires deep thinking. And if your body is telling to do deep thinking, don't take it for granted.

You experience a sense of dread

The feeling of constant dread is one of the strongest signs you’re ready to change careers. If you notice yourself not feeling alive when you wake up, if you have to drag yourself out of bed every single morning, that is one sign you shouldn’t just shrug off. Being ready to make major changes in life doesn't always involve excitement. It also involves scary feelings. Scary but necessary because if it scares you, chances are it will change you. For good. Which is to say, it will give you the chance to grow. So if you find yourself dreading every morning, every trip to the office, every working day, perhaps it’s time to think about the importance of self-care in business. Perhaps it’s time to think about growth.

If you’re feeling jealous of what others are doing

Jealousy is often considered a bad feeling. But in this case, it’s actually among the good signs you’re ready to change careers. Being jealous, per se, is not good. So if you notice yourself envying other people’s lives, their freedom, their relationship with their friends and colleagues, maybe this is your inner self telling you you’re actually unhappy with your current job. You’re just not noticing it yet. That said, if you're feeling jealous of what others are doing, maybe it’s time to follow your passion. Maybe it’s the strong career change sign you’ve been waiting for.

How to Change Careers

Start looking around for what sparks inspiration

So, what do you do once you’ve established the signs you’re ready to change careers? Well, first off, you start looking around. Start seeking the things that spark inspiration. Pay attention to the mundane and the small things. Things you would otherwise ignore. There’s no way of knowing where inspiration comes from thus, pay close attention to everything around you. Know what inspires you and start from there. Begin your exploration in that place.

Learn from those who inspire you

We cannot stress enough the importance of self-care in business. This includes learning from those who inspire you. Self-care is not just you working on yourself. It’s also connecting with others. Allowing yourself to be seen. Be vulnerable enough to be seen and no matter how scary it is, know that as long as you’re being honest, you will be fine. Because you will. Open yourself to learning from other people. Because the more you surround yourself with people who inspire you, the easier it will be for you to build your coaching business - the kind of coaching business that’s aligned with your passions and principles.

Be part of a community that shares your passion

Facebook groups are overrated? Not exactly. While some groups are just full of spam, there are other groups that serve as perfect community. Groups are full of people who inspire and lift each other. This is the kind of community you want to be part of. Thus, once you’ve made the decision that you will start building your coaching business, go ahead and find your community - be it on Facebook or in person. Contribute to this community, and learn, and ask questions, and know that they’re there to help you and not judge. Sometimes, all we need is a strong support system to help us kickstart our new journey in life.

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