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Maria "Two - Straps" Hintog

Sex Coach
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"I would have 100% regretted it if I did not go through with the Lumia experience."
all about you

Tell us about before you became a coach.

My background is in Psychology and Human Sexuality. I came from a conservative, Catholic upbringing and was always fascinated by the "female taboo", specifically anything related to human sexuality and lifting heavy ass weights.

Before I became a coach, I was a sex educator, personal trainer, and competitive powerlifter. I still am to this day!

the final straw

What happened in your life to push you to FINALLY become a coach?

I am currently completing my Master's in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Sex Therapy. What pushed me to become a sex & relationships coach was the realization that many individuals that I come across often have trouble discussing their sex and relationship needs. Many issues that I hear about don't necessarily require sex therapy, but instead a reframe of the harmful, shame-filled, socially constructed mental frameworks around sex that we grew up with. Many issues simply need a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss these "taboo" thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Also, the fact that Lumia has some of the most brilliant coaches and mental health professionals on their team was another factor that pushed me towards finally becoming a coach!

compare + contrast

What other options or pathways did you consider before signing up for Lumia?

I browsed the web and asked peers and realized after much researching that Lumia has the most solid foundation for training coaches. Not only is Lumia ICF accredited, but the training is no joke! This isn't some "weekend course", it is 6 months of committed, brain-swelling training!

choosing a new path

Why did you choose coach training with Lumia?

Lumia is ICF accredited and I really resonated with the styles of John Kim and Noelle Cordeaux. Also, the intensive training and commitment proved to me that Lumia was truly serious about their training. If I'm going to commit to something, I want to FULLY commit to the BEST!

life without us

What would have happened if you did not go through the Lumia program?

If I did not go through the Lumia coaching experience, I know I would have still been stuck in a miserable, confusing headspace. I was lost at the time and new I needed to pave a career path for myself that included making my heart happy. I would have 100% regretted it if I did not go through with the Lumia coaching experience.

big risks reap big rewards

What risks did you consider when thinking of becoming a coach?

The time commitment, money, imposter-syndrome feelings

face your fears

What fears did you have before joining Lumia?

My biggest fear was not being good enough.

benefits for life

What measurable benefits have you seen as a result of becoming a coach with Lumia?

I have seen my confidence skyrocket in the coaching realm and my heart grow because of the selfless community behind Lumia. I still have my moments of fear, but the community behind Lumia is incomparable and everyone supports one another whole-heartedly.

personal growth

How have you changed since coach training with Lumia? How has your business changed?

I feel more confident and proud of what I do. My heart and my head are both happy. Initially I was nervous to start my own business because I had never done it before, but with the Lumia training, support, and community, I feel...pretty damn GOOD!

solid advice

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a coach?

Do. It.

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