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Our Students Love Lumia

No BS Reviews and Testimonials from Lumia Students and Graduates
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Lumia Testimonials & Reviews

Lumia (formerly JRNI) has proudly graduated more than 1,500 coaches to date, with more joining their ranks every day. We ask our coaches to share their takeaways about the Lumia experience in their own words and here’s their honest, unvarnished reviews of this life-changing program.

Emily Kischell headshot

Do you want to help people but feel like because you're a mega introvert and want to run for the hills when required to speak in public or interact with strangers, you might not be able to make your dreams happen as a coach? Yeah -- me too.Here's the thing, Lumia Coaching will feed your growth in surprising ways you didn't think were still possible for you. Your cohort members and teachers will guide you with LOVE while reinvigorating your hope in humanity. These new friends and supporters are the helpers you've been looking for in the world. Dive in, it's going to be wonderful...


Emily Kischell

2020 Graduate

Betsy Autry headshot

I am so happy I chose Lumia Coaching. I decided to look into coaching programs and kept feeling a pull back to Lumia. I am so happy I went with my gut instinct. This course has been life-changing. The personal growth I have made and all I have learned about communicating, listening, coaching is remarkable!I feel ready to start coaching and love the community and friendships I have found here.


Betsy Autry

2020 Graduate

Stacey Duey headshot

There are many coaching certification companies out there, but Lumia offers many unique experiences that set it apart: strong community with other coaches, accessible team members at every level, constant support, socially responsible and many opportunities to collaborate, support, mentor and learn outside of class.


Stacey Duey

2020 Graduate

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