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Our Students Love Lumia

No BS Reviews and Testimonials from Lumia Students and Graduates
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Lumia Testimonials & Reviews

Lumia (formerly JRNI) has proudly graduated more than 1,500 coaches to date, with more joining their ranks every day. We ask our coaches to share their takeaways about the Lumia experience in their own words and here’s their honest, unvarnished reviews of this life-changing program.

Debra Arlyn headshot

The entire experience of Lumia was so much more than what I imagined! The skills absorbed, the professional and personal connections made, and the wealth of resources and insights are absolutely priceless. I can say with confidence, that immersing myself in Lumia was one of the most positive, transformational, and self-loving decisions I have ever made. I feel empowered and grateful for every moment of the Lumia experience. Becoming a Life Coach and sharing these gifts with my Clients brings me total career fulfillment.


Debra Arlyn

2020 Graduate

Brianne Hunsley headshot

I want you to know that from the moment you start at Lumia, you're among friends who are on a similar life path. There will always be several ready ears and hearts. To me, this has been the most invaluable thing.If this program is calling you, there's a reason for that. It's amazing. Truly. And the more you put into it, the more you'll get in return. There's a good chance I'll go through it again sometime, I loved my experience THAT much.


‍Brianne Hunsley

2019 Graduate

Mashael Fakhro headshot

I loved the conversational, interactive aspect of the classes. It felt like real people talking about real experiences, and helped me understand my own coaching unique style and get comfortable with it. I learned to choose practice over perfection and showing up as human instead of as someone who has it all figured out. I learned coaching can be natural and intuitive after some training, which makes it a practice I can weave into my lifestyle for life.


Mashael Fakhro

2019 Graduate

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